Runescape Gold Grand Exchange runescape gold Fundamental Secrets

Runescape Gold Grand Exchange was introduced in 2007. Other Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games like World of Warcraft and many others have what we called auction houses.

The Runescape Gold Grand Exchange created by Jagex, was first of its kind and has several unique features which I will go through as you read on.

Free World Trading vs Runescape Gold Grand Exchange

Before the switch to the new trading system, Runescape is a world of free trading. Every player can buy or sell gold and/or items freely among themselves. This creates a huge problem for Jagex.

Thousands of websites sprung up all over the places to sell Runescape gold and items for real cash. And Jagex treats this very seriously.

So, in order to stop this from happening, and thousands of other players paying cash to other websites rather than Jagex themselves, they switch to the exchange system.

This greatly impacted millions of players, as most of them quit, only a handful of them cracked the code of the Runescape Gold Grand Exchange and multiplied their wealth in Runescape many hundred folds.

Runescape gold Grand Exchange vs Real World Stock Exchange

I love to relate Runescape Gold Grand Exchange as almost similar to the real world stock exchange. And if you track the history of human development, our ancestors started off as free traders too, until we have a centralized trading system now.

If you buy item A in the USA, and another player sells item A in Australia, if both your orders match, the exchange will match the order.

This works exactly like the stock exchange runescape gold

Thousands of adults lose and make millions of real cash in the stock exchange every day. In the world of Runescape, players make and lose money too.

And because I make money trading the stock exchange, so it only makes sense for me to make millions of gp in Runescape too.

Who You Buy And Sell To?

In the Real World Stock Exchange, there is no way to know who you sell or buy the stocks from.

This applies exactly to the Runescape Gold Grand Exchange. As mentioned, it is a centralized system on which all orders for buying and selling are matched accordingly.

For example, if you have a Buy offer for item A, the exchange will note that right away and search within its database for a seller who wants to sell item A.

Once the orders are matched, then your screen will show that the trades are done. This is how the stock exchange works too.

Lastly, I would like to say that thousands of Runescape players never understand how to leverage on the exchange to make millions of gp every day.

Most average players lose their gold in the exchange, rather than making money. After several trials of losing and frustration, they decided that trading using the grand exchange doesn’t enable them to make money at all. That’s totally false!

The reason I said that is because there is a system where I just need to work less than 5 minutes per day, and I can go on to making millions of gold using the Runescape Gold GrandExchange.

Full details of the Runescape Gold Grand Exchange system are present in the guide which I have created.

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